Negative Body Image

 I know having a negative body image can color everything you do. I know how it feels to be stuck in the rut of wanting or trying to achieve a certain look or to achieve that coveted weight. 

I know what it is to look in the mirror and never feel happy about how I look. I know what it is like to change the choices I make during the day based on what I weighed that morning. Or not enjoy social outings because of the way I look and because of the food limitations I was imposing on myself. 


Life isn't meant to be lived this way. I believe that we can be healthy and strong and love the way we look without struggle.  A balance can be achieved between striving to be better and stronger and living your life. 

Love yourself.

 Your relationship with yourself is your longest relationship. It needs nurturing just as all relationships do.




The Body Positive movement is all over the place right now. For me it means learning to love the body you have without focusing on the number on the scale or the size jeans you wear. It also means treating the body in positive ways, by eating healthy and moving daily, talking to yourself in positive terms that aren't focused on physical appearance, taking the time for self-care.   Try, saying to yourself "I love you". 

This is a practice, that grows slowly, you can start by minimizing negative self talk, and minimizing judgement of others' appearance. 

Try Mirror self talk- look at yourself in the mirror  & say positive things about yourself .


Celebrate your strengths 

If you think about it, the body is a miraculous machine that has enabled you to arrive in the place where you are today. Even if you are not a gym class hero or athlete,  celebrate the things your body has done that are miraculous. The body can heal a broken bone,  birth a baby,  swim underwater (where else do you swim?) grow and shrink pretty easily.  What about the fact that the cells you have now will be completely changed over to new cells in 7 years? Miraculous!

What are your particular amazing feats? What can you celebrate ? I have given birth to 4 healthy children, run 2 1/2 marathons, learned to touch my toes and lay my belly flat on my thighs in a forward fold, I have healed from surgery and learned to walk & run without a limp. (that was hard!)