Top 5 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier Today! Healthy Eating Hacks

We all know that we are what we eat.  And maybe we know that we need to "Clean Up" our eating. These are the top 5 easy ways to hack your eating habits.

1. Stop eating out.  Eat food that only you have prepared, that way you know all the ingredients.

2. Check the sugar, read labels on everything cut out as much sugar as you can.  

3. Cut out processed food.  Try and cook food from whole ingredients without added dyes, sugars & preservatives.  All those extra chemicals are not good for your body.

4. Drink more water.  We all know this, but do you do it? carry a refillable water bottle with you and drink as many as you can.  Drink water first before anything else.

5.  Eat More Veggies - I know I know this seems like a no brainer but I have to include it. Take a look at what you really are eating everyday. And make 1/2 you plate a vegetable.

To do lists

Do you ever have these running lists of things you want to get done ? & in your head you think ok yeah I'll have time this weekend or on this day & the day comes & you just don't do them? This is the story of my life lately.

I have all these plans. I'm really good at getting some stuff done but maybe its not the most important stuff? 

How do decide what is the most important? 

I guess I have to tune in to my intuition more and choose 1 or two items to really focus on. Thats my plan for now.  

1. Practice tapping everyday

2. Start journaling 

Those are my 2 items. They should not take too much time I am setting my intention to do these 2 things everyday from now until the end of the year and see how they stick. 




So I have been on a self improvement/ self love journey for a while now. I have been trying to find my voice, as in figure out who I am.  Maybe I should know who I am already because I am almost in my 40's, but I have been avoiding the need for inquiry by just being busy. I have 4 children, & a full time job, I have been married and divorced, I have a fiancé and a life!

But if I am honest, I am not living the life I truly want.  I am tired of of hiding behind the busyness and allowing myself to be left behind. 

The problem is I have been feeling in a funk, a little uninspired.

So, I have decided to try tapping -EFT, which stands for emotional freedom technique.  The tapping part is an accupressure technique and it's combined with some mantra  and  self help challenges.  I am using Nick Ortners  book "The Tapping Solution."  It's a 21 day journey, but you don't have do apply it 21 days right in a row! (thank goodness b/c I would not be able to do that)

So far I have read the first 4 chapters and signed up for his email reminders and I have done quite a bit of tapping.  The tapping is very well explained in the introduction, and just incase there are plenty of videos on YouTube.  I have watched a couple and found them very helpful.  At first I was pretty skeptical about how tapping would help & I have to admit I still feel silly when I tap.  HOWEVER, I felt "Something" change in me right away, after the first session.  I felt the fog of my darkened state begin to rise a little and I simply felt lighter, happier and better.  Since then I have not tapped everyday, but I am following the book's routine and I am looking forward to continuing on this tapping journey.  

I feel like this technique will benefit me tremendously.

Here's to my journey.

The Beginning

I have always been the shy or quiet one, an introvert I guess.  In high school people told me they thought I was stuck up, when the reality was I was shy.  The irony is that although I am shy, I also don't mind getting up in front of a group and teaching a class.  I loved debate class in high school, I thought I would be a lawyer, ha! Then I thought I would be a doctor, But in reality I had no idea what I wanted to be or do.  I started teaching yoga after my youngest daughter was born, and although I really enjoyed it I always felt not quite good enough.  No one told me I wasn't good. (I had full classes, and I taught at more than one studio.)  It was me doubting myself. It kept me from trying to get a further certification, and from looking for new and higher paying gigs.  I have since found out this has a name - "imposters syndrome".  Imposters syndrome is that feeling that you are just faking it and someone will find out and expose you as a fraud.  The funny thing is I know in my head I am qualified - I took the trainings and passed!  I have done a ton of studying and practicing, I get great feedback.   I just have these terrible mean voices in my head that don't believe in me. 

The self doubt if you feed it will spread, & it did, into other areas of my life.  When I was looking for a full time job after my divorce I felt like I wasn't qualified to do anything - although I have a masters degree, and I have always been successful at work.  So where were these thoughts originating? It's my inner mean girl or my gremlin, that inner voice that I have allowed to dictate my thoughts. I have been listening to this gremlin way too much.  It creeps up in all my thoughts telling me I will never be successful so why try?  Its holding me back and I know it.  But the voice is hard to drown out or turn off.

Lately I have been surrounding myself in self help books about personal growth. I have learned so much and I have actually changed much of my outlook.  Somedays it creeps back in, its definitely part of my old repertoire.  I am actively working on moving past these blocks and quieting the mean girl.  One of the ways I trying is tapping, also called EFT emotional freedom technique. It's a combination of acupressure and self help techniques.