LiveHappy ashley Yoga

I have been doing yoga since my daughter was 1 years old. I started following VHS tapes in my mom's basement while my daughter napped. I was hooked. 

In 2005 about 7 years later I started teaching, teaching has shown me that I still have much to learn about myself but also from others. I have learned that we all can benefit from time on the mat turning the focus inward. 

I received my 200 hr certification  in Jacksonville and my 500 hr from Alanna Kaivalya and Yoga Download.  


What is it about yoga?

In today's modern world we can become disconnected with how we feel and what our body tells us. We have become a society of doers all the time.  Yoga enables us to reclaim the mind & body connection and begin to feel again what it is like to be ourselves, to live in this sacred vessel that is our body, to slow down and breath and be in the moment.  At the same time yoga also can push us to become comfortable being uncomfortable, to learn how to find the edge of our comfort zone and not beyond.  It also gives us the space to just be still and quiet and do nothing.. without feeling guilty about it.

Yoga is not a religion but it can be very spiritual, as it is not concerned so much with material or physical things. Spirituality is something that may have been pushed aside or lost but it is an essential part of the human experience.  A spiritual home is where you feel a profound sense of belonging, yoga can provide that sense to the student.


Body Positivity & Self Love

Body positivity might be all the rage to talk about but putting it actually into practice is not always an easy transition.  There is so much out there sometimes we tend to want to continually compare ourselves to others and focus on those things we want to change and where our imperfections lie. 


Self Care

Having a self care practice is important. As a parent or just as a woman its easy to feel like we need to be doing for others all the time. But having not time for oneself leads to discontent and feeling unappreciated.  Just as they say on a  airplane flight you must put on your oxygen mask  before you help anyone else with theirs, this is the same principal.  You must take care of yourself first. I use my yoga practice for selfcare, because I love doing it. What do you love doing? Find time for it everyday if its only 15 minutes thats fine. This will allow you to be able to give more to others because you gave to yourself. 

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